The Beach Villa, or as the clubhouse, is usually called by guests. It was built in 1990, 4 months after the club opened. The elegant and charming structure emanates a relaxing ambiance, which is perfect for our guests.

A breathtaking scene of the ocean and coves can be viewed entirely from the clubhouse’ floor-length glass windows and balconies. Also, a roof deck provides a 360-degree view of the scenic surroundings.

Three dining facilities, each with different themes, can be found in the villa. A dozen accommodations are also available. It is open to our members all-year-round but can be made available on certain periods for the guests.

Due to the wonderful location and atmosphere, the clubhouse at King Carter Golf Club is open for events. Whether it be weddings, anniversaries, or even conferences, the villa is wonderful for these occasions. Special packages and discounts are available.