Why We Best in Golf Courses

Golf Course

The 18-hole course has been masterfully designed by Jonathan Gaunt, a golf course architect and director of Gaunt Golf Design.

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The Beach Villa Clubhouse

It was built in 1990, 4 months after the club opened. The elegant and charming structure emanates a relaxing ambiance, which is perfect for our guests.

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Best Golf Equipment

Here at King Carter Golf Club, we offer numerous high-quality brands of golf equipment and apparel. We offer great prices and frequent sale periods

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About King Carter Golf Club

Since 1989, King Carter Golf Club has been an impressive combination of a superb championship course and breathtaking scenery. Since the course is perched just beside the Pacific Ocean, one will definitely have a beautiful and challenging playing experience. King Carter Golf Club has always been included in the roster for national tournaments as well as constantly being featured in top rating lists. Experience the royal treatment, whether you’re playing one round or staying at the clubhouse.

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Our Clients Says

Quality Course!

"To really appreciate our Kind Golf Course, one only needs to experience playing golf clubs abroad of a similar calibre, to realize our course offers very good value to its members, comparatively, in quality of course, cost and close locality. It is a superior golf course!"

William Faust

Pro Golf Player

Wonderful Course and Facilities.

"I enjoy the great comradeship that has evolved since becoming a member of the Kind Carter Golf Club. Competitive but fun, the wonderful course and facilities ensure my usual Thursday Golf experience is something I look forward to every week."

Amy Whatson

Our Member

Our Events

Senior’s Week + Tournament

What better way to enjoy the summer than to play golf and enjoy clubhouse facilities by the beach? Senior citizens with irons and a handicap will experience a pampered and leisurely time here at King Carter Golf Club when they will participate in the Senior’s Week. A special discounted stay and play package will be offered to anyone over the age of 65 years old. The week-long celebration will occur on August 14-20, 2019.

USGA Qualifier

Ready your golf equipment as the registration for the 119th U.S. Amateur Championship will now start on June 18, 2019. The breathtaking King Carter Golf Club will play host to one of the United States Golfer’s Association prestigious annual U.S. Amateur tournaments. The main prize will be the latest model range finder.

Famous golfer, Jerome Travers, who loved their forgiving drivers, will be gracing the entirety of the event in King Carter with his presence.  For our members or even to the public, this may be your chance to prove yourself as one of the best professional golfers today. Legends such as Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones have been champions in the previous USGA Amateur Tournaments.

Keep in mind that any home and garden specialist or golf player whose Handicap Index is not higher than 2.4 may be eligible to register. The whole tournament is scheduled from July 21 and July 24. Entries will close on the 30th of June at 18:00 EDT. Registration can be done through our website. Simply click the link below.