Membership and Membership Rates

Frequent guests at King Carter are treated like royalty and provided with an exceptional experience. Royal Club Members are entitled to wonderful benefits such as members-only rates, tournaments, and access sites.

Our three levels of Royalty Membership are as follow:

  • Bronze Membership
  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership

Nomination Procedure

To apply, a candidate must first get a written and verbal referral from an adult member. To attain, the Bronze membership, one referral is needed. For Silver, two is required and three are needed for Gold. After a referral is made and an application form with the necessary documents attached are submitted, the board members will then hold an election for the candidate. Once the board has made their decision, the member must pay the fees in order to confirm his or her membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • Varying level of access to clubhouse facilities
  • Discounted competition and tournament fees
  • Free food and beverage
  • Access to clubhouse accommodations
  • Can bring 1-3 guests without a fee, the number depends on the level of membership
  • Playing rights to the championship course
  • Free 3 golf carts use for a year
  • Discount on pro-shop items

Membership Rates

Category Nomination Fee Annual Subscription
Gold Membership $3500 $2800
Silver Membership $2500 $2200
Bronze Membership $1500 $1800
Senior Citizen Discount 20% off 15% off
Junior Member Discount 10% off 5% off