Built in 1989, the championship King Carter Golf Club covers approximately 27-hectares of land near the Pacific Ocean. The 18-hole course has been masterfully designed by Jonathan Gaunt, a golf course architect and director of Gaunt Golf Design. Creating a golf course with some of the area being sand dunes can be quite challenging, but Jonathan Gaunt exceeded all expectations and designed a work of art.

With the entirety of the course perched above the ocean, the crisp scent of the ocean breeze wafts into the area. Aside from that, an expansive ocean view can be seen near the holes, although the best views of the sunset can be seen in certain areas of the course.

The club boasts a pristine white clubhouse that exudes a relaxing yet luxurious vibe, making it perfect for beach enthusiasts. King Carter Golf Club has also played host to various Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) championship tournaments.

This club has been included on the top 10 Best Golf Courses by Forbes Magazine. Of course, it would be. With the ever-present winds and varying elements of a beach, a golfer would surely be challenged in this championship course. Aside from that, the challenges and breathtaking scenery will foster a new experience for every golfer.