USGA Qualifier

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USGA Qualifier

Ready your golf equipment as the registration for the 119th U.S. Amateur Championship will now start on June 18, 2019. The breathtaking King Carter Golf Club will play host to one of the United States Golfer’s Association prestigious annual U.S. Amateur tournaments. The main prize will be the latest model range finder.

Famous golfer, Jerome Travers, who loved their forgiving drivers, will be gracing the entirety of the event in King Carter with his presence.  For our members or even to the public, this may be your chance to prove yourself as one of the best professional golfers today. Legends such as Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones have been champions in the previous USGA Amateur Tournaments.

Keep in mind that any home and garden specialist or golf player whose Handicap Index is not higher than 2.4 may be eligible to register. The whole tournament is scheduled from July 21 and July 24. Entries will close on the 30th of June at 18:00 EDT. Registration can be done through our website. Simply click the link below.

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